Butterfly Knives

Although more commonly known as Butterfly Knives, the proper name for these knives is Balisong Knife. These knives are actually more popular for the number of different tricks you can do with them rather than their cutting ability but none the less they are very popular where ever they are legal. Many States and countries though have deemed these unique knives as being illegal although they have relevantly short blades, only usually about 4.25 inches in length. The reason why most countries have made these knives illegal is because of the number of people that needed professional medical treatment after trying to learn the different tricks which can be done with the knives. Some of the best butterfly knivescan of course be quite expensive but a training knife which is similar only has no sharp blades, is far cheaper perhaps even only $10 compared to the $200 for a real Balisong Knife. Although there is some discussion as to where the first Balisong knives originated, there is no such doubts as to how they became popular in the US prior to being made illegal. After WW11, the US soldiers that had been based in the Philippines, brought Balisong knives with them and they met with such appeal that they were started to be made in the US. So the knives found their way to the States via the Philippines but the question is, did the first Balisong knife originate there or somewhere else? Although the actual name Balisong almost certainly came from the Philippines as the knives are, even today, made there, in the Balisung province, was that where the first ones were made? Some argue that the Balisong dates back to the 9th century as that is known to be the time that the Martial Art of Kali dates back to and that uses the Balisong but no physical evidence has been found by archeologists to support this theory. The other theory is that although not at that time called the Balisong Knife, it originated in Europe and the Filipino hero Jose Rizal took one back to the Philippines after a visit to Spain. Once in the Philippines they incorporated it into Kali. Although the real Balisong knives are banned in most countries because the training knives have blades that cannot actual cut, they are not and so are available for people to buy and train with. As many people will know, the Balisong or Butterfly Knife has a blade which folds into the two halves of the handle. This unique design allows it to be opened and closed in several different ways and when these are done fast, they are considered to be ‘tricks’. Even if you do live somewhere where the Balisong knives are legal, it is recommended that you first but a trainer in order to learn the tricks safely and then, only have you learned them and become proficient with them, you consider trying them with your real Balisong Knife or knives.